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Real Life Coach and Associate Licensees

How can the Real Life Management System help me?

Improve your own lifestyle management
Improve family relationships
Help you with staffing and management issues
Help you stop losing clients and prospects
Impact the lives of others
Teach you a special marketing workshop to build your business
Know the 'attitude' of your client

This license provides a complete Lifestyle Education Program including Communication skills, Personal Financial Management and a Lifestyle Education curriculum. Coaches will have full access to the Real Life Management Web site, use of the 3-Minute Survey and the RLM Business Development and Training System. Coaches have the right to use the RLM content as a part of their personal business, consulting or training. Coaches may also teach CE classes developed or approved by RLM.

What are the costs? Real Life ManagementSM has been licensing and training professionals in a variety of fields for many years. The current pricing is as follows:

Certified Coach License
$5,000 for each Coach using the RLM System and/or related Products (a special discount of up to 25% may be available for certain RLM Coaching classes so check with RLM in Step 2 below)

$1,500 for each support staff member in the same firm using the RLM System and /or Products (under the direct supervision of the Coach and attending the same Training Class as the Coach).

Payment in each specified category above to be 50% payable upon execution of the RLM Certified Coach Agreement and the remainder on or before the first training day.  An alternative three (3) phase payment plan is available to spread some of the costs out durning the initial year. 

Certified Associate (formerly Advisor) License
$2,750 for each Associate using the Associate (Attitude) portion RLM System and/or related Products

Payment in each specified category above to be payable upon execution of the Agreement.   An alternative three (3) phase payment plan is available to spread some of the costs out durning the initial year. 

Subsequent Year Web Access/Maintenance Fee
In the case of either a Coach License or an Associate License, there is a monthly license renewal fee in consideration for the continuation of web access to the RLM website after the initial 12 months of the Agreement.  Each Coach and/or Associate shall be required to pay a monthly website access/maintenance fee in the amount of $75 via credit card.  If the payment fails to process, the login will be made inactive until such time as the account is brought current. 

What is included in the Certified Coach License? The certification process for a RLM Coach License is a great way to develop the skills and utilize the tools developed by Real Life Management, Inc. The training course for the license will teach you how to interpret your clients’ attitudes and immediately communicate with them in a manner that creates the highest degree of trust and credibility. The tools included in the license training give you a unique advantage in your field of expertise. Many licensed Coaches will also utilize the tools and training to enhance their family relationships, staff hiring and development, and all other interpersonal relationships. The training will provide the Certified Coach with extensive knowledge and application. The Certified Coach License should be considered by anyone who desires a deep understanding and appreciation of the concepts of lifestyle management and wants to apply them to their growing business. Coaches may also use the system in many ways in addition to public marketing workshops.

As a special bonus, the Real Life Coaching Licensee qualifies for at least a 10% discount on Suggested Retail Prices of other RLM products and materials.

How long is the training and where will it be conducted? Training for the Certified Coach license is two days and is typically held in the Houston or Dallas, Texas area. Class sizes will typically be 10-25 students. RLM will supply hotel and travel information, but charges are the responsibility of the licensee.

How do I enroll in the program?
STEP 1: Go to and take the RLM 3-Minute SurveyTM

STEP 2: Send Request for Coach/Associate Application (along with your Resume/Bio) to: (be sure to inquire about any special discounts or promotions)

STEP 3: Contact Real Life Management to enroll in a Coach or Associate class.

3-Minute Survey and Reports
RLM Workbook
Specialized Real Life Live Training
RLM Product Discounts
Web Access for Client Reports
Education CD's
GameBoard Instruction Book
Public Marketing Workshop
Expanded Training & Coaching
Master CD's for Workshop Materials
Updates for Workshop  Materials
Coach License $5,000