Welcome to the Real Life Management®
and The 3-Minute Survey®

The 3-Minute Difference is based on significant research and data collected over the past 25 years from over 250,000 individuals who have taken this proprietary communication and attitude 3-Minute Survey®. The Real Life Management Model has been used successfully in many different industries, most recently with the United States Army.

Since 2010, more than 30,000 US Army soldier surveys have been given this survey thru a US Army initiative called "Operation 3-Minute". The survey results have been entered into a secure the OP3M database and a specialized Military Leadership and Resiliency Report was developed to address and get ahead of several specific challenges facing the military. Issues such as suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, divorce, and financial devastation were addressed and an early identification system was tested in selected areas around the world.

In 2017, Real Life Management® returned to its corporate training platform with new information about how resiliency issues that impact our lives and or professional choices. The corporate community will gain much from these new insights and the newly developed Corporate Leadership Report.

Based on our longitudinal research data, this system and related reports will provide three services for you or your company: Identify core attitudes, Understand those attitudes and then Alter them as you Implement the proven RLM Attitude Training and Sustainment Program. The good news is that with this report and related training, there is a workable life outline and proven guidance tool to help you alter your attitude and improve life choices. It is time for to become proactive in resilience prevention instead of reactive. It is time that you become the best leader you can be in your home and your professional life.